How does online poker work?

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Poker is a very popular card game that is also offered in online casinos. So, you can play without leaving your home, mobile phone or computer, and compete against players from around the world.

Some of the most popular poker sites have proprietary software that makes the experience easier for players. In this case, the online casino offers a secure link to download the poker app directly from the site.

Those who prefer to play poker on their mobile phone usually do not need to download apps, accessing the lobby through the browser.

Once on the platform, you can choose a poker table according to your profile: either by game type, stakes or experience level, for example.

Types of poker games

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Not all poker sites have the same games available. Just like in other sports, such as blackjack and baccarat, there are variations that result in many different game options.

Among the most commonly played types of online poker are:

  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Omaha;
  • Omaha Hi/Lo;
  • Covered poker;
  • 7 Card Stud.

Each of these poker game types has its own rules.

Some will have more similarities in the way they are played because we can say they belong to the same category. This is the case with Texas Hold’em and Omaha which feature community cards, as explained a little later.


To make it easier, we will highlight the three main poker categories:

  • Closed.
  • Open.
  • Community.


Also called 5 Card Draw, this is usually played by casual punters, mainly because the rules are quite simple. It is not usually the most played option in competitions.


Also known as Stud Poker, this is a category where each player has a number of face cards and hole cards.

One of the most famous forms of Stud Poker is Seven Card Stud and its Hi/Lo and Razz variants.


Community cards are cards that are laid out on the table and can be shared by all participants.

Each player receives a number of hole cards that form an incomplete hand. These must be combined with the community cards.

This is where Texas Hold’em and Omaha fit in.

Understand why poker is not a game of chance

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The game of poker and the world of poker rely on the randomness of each round, through the distribution of cards, but it is not what defines the outcome of the games.

Of course you need luck to receive a good hand right from the start. But there are several variables that determine the progress of the game and the final hand.

The player needs to have a strategy to last at the table, as well as using logic and mathematics and the behaviour pattern of the opponents. And when there is a weak hand, bluffing is an extra trick, which involves emotions.

There are several books on poker techniques and teachings, unlike other games of luck, such as heads or tails.

There is no way to establish a winning strategy in games like slots, because the outcome does not depend on the gambler’s performance, unlike poker.

The card game requires technical and intellectual skills from its participants.

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