eSports Betting

eSports betting

The beginnings of e-Sports or electronic sports date back to 1980 with the first event of this type, which was organised by Atari. Although its global boom began in the 2000s, it exploded in the following decade with the globalisation brought about by the internet and the arrival of streaming platforms, which we will talk about in detail later on. 

The conditions that an event must fulfil to be considered an eSport are quite simple: the game must allow a confrontation on equal terms between two or more players. In addition, there must be official leagues and competitions with professionalised rules, teams and players. 

These sports are mostly played on the computer or laptop and most of their players, or gamers, are people who train daily, in the same way as a footballer or an elite tennis player, for example. There are no age limits for competing in this type of event, but logically, the peak of performance is between 15 and 25 years of age, coinciding with a greater capacity for adaptation and quicker reflexes. 

Top eSports competitions

eSports betting tips

The range of eSports being played today is very varied and there is something for everyone. Some of them replicate real sports such as football or motor racing, examples of which are FIFA, F1 or iRacing: FIFA, F1 or iRacing. 

On the other hand, the most famous variety of eSports are MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), a genre born from real-time strategy games. The most played of this type are: Dota 2, League Of Legends (LOL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), StarCraft II (SC2), World of Warcraft (WOW), Fornite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, among others. 

All of these events can be viewed on the most popular live streaming platforms, including Twitch (from Amazon), Mixer (from Microsoft) and YouTube Gaming (from Google). By logging on to these platforms, it is also possible to find out which games are on the rise or which players will be the players of the future, as live games or tournaments can be viewed there. 

eSports betting markets

eSports betting markets

As with traditional sports, eSports present a wide range of markets and betting options. Allowing bettors to find the one that best suits their knowledge and willingness to take risks in search of big winnings. In e-sports, the market options vary depending on the game you are betting on, as they have very different characteristics. In this sense, the games that dominate betting are LoL (League of Legends) and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). 

In relation to the betting options, we are going to give an example of what some of the main betting sites publish in their eSport section, making a brief summary to give a general overview of this aspect. Remember that these bets can be made on a pre-match or live basis. Live eSport betting is the most popular form of eSport betting among players, mainly because of how easy it is to watch any of these events through the official platforms. 

Clash Royale Betting

The difference between Clash Royale and the previous two games is that Clash Royale became very popular on Smartphones, being a pioneer in this format. With a time per game of 3 minutes, the objective of this game is to destroy the rival town hall or demolish most of it. Its modality is Multiplayer Battle Arena (MOBA), at the beginning of the game the players must use their elixir with which they will acquire the 8 cards within a deck with many more. These cards have different characters, structures and spells, the skill of the players is in combining them to achieve victory in the most efficient way. 

The most common markets in this game are: Game Winner, Draw, Game Winner with Exact Result, Number of towers knocked down, Use of a specific card, Which card achieves victory.

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