How To Manage Your Bankroll In Betting

Bankroll In Betting

What is the bankroll?

The bankroll, also known as the Portfolio or Cashier, is the amount of money you decide to invest in sports betting over the course of an entire sporting season or calendar year. 

Determining the exact amount of this capital is the first essential step before you start placing any bets.  

But how is the bankroll or portfolio calculated?  

Based on the analysis of your current financial situation, you can decide whether you can participate in sports betting or whether you should stay away. 

Let’s take a look at the 3 conditions in which you might find yourself: 

Situation 1: you spend more each month than you earn


If your monthly salary is $1500 and you spend more each month than you earn, there is already an underlying problem, which we are unable to solve with this article.  

The only two things you can do in this case are:  

  • increase your income (with another job or other activities)
  • get as far away from sports betting as possible.

Starting to gamble, when you are not even able to meet your basic needs, could only lead to a worsening of your financial condition. 

Situation 2 (?): every month you spend exactly everything you earn

If you think this situation is a good one to start gambling on bills, you are not on the right track at all. 

I don’t recommend betting in this case either! 

If the wind doesn’t blow in the right direction and your bets turn out to be losers, you could worsen your financial situation and your standard of living. 

In the long run, your relationships with your loved ones may also take a turn for the worse. 

Trust me. For the time being leave it alone! 

Situation 3 (?): every month you earn more than you spend.


If you are in this situation, betting “might” be an achievable goal. 

You have what it takes to get started, but keep your eyes open and read carefully what I am going to write in the next few lines.  

Let’s go over the numbers.

Your bankroll, portfolio or cash box should never exceed 20% of your annual savings. 

Let’s take an example. 

Luca is an employee, with a dependent family and a modest salary. 

He is a good saver and manages to save 1200 dollars every year, while maintaining a more than decent lifestyle. 

He has never gambled, but this sector fascinates him and he would like to try and understand more. 

The amount Luca can devote to betting should be a maximum of 20% of the 1,200 dollars, i.e. a total of 240 dollars per year. 

Yes, a maximum of 240 dollars per year, which equals 20 dollars per month or 5 dollars per week.  

The Bankroll Is Sacred: Never Bet More Than Your Limit


If we have calculated the precise amount of our bankroll, we can be sure that if we lose the entire capital we will not affect our lifestyle in any way. 

Dedicating a percentage of money to betting that you can afford to lose will allow you to bet with more awareness, peace of mind and attention. 

Being disciplined with your bankroll means never going beyond the limits you have set for yourself. 

If after two months of betting you realise that you have squandered the entire annual budget, you should just stop, analyse your mistakes and postpone the date with the bills until the following year. 

Exceeding your budget once or more than once could lead you into a very dangerous trap: it’s called ludopathy. Watch out!  

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